wedding lore

The Honeymoon

The honeymoon is an essential part of the modern Western wedding, whether it be three weeks in a luxury hotel suite at an exotic location or just a long weekend with the door locked and the phone off the hook! It's a chance for the happy couple to relax and celebrate the beginning of their new married life.

The idea of the honeymoon as the period of bliss before returning to normal life has led to the word being used metaphorically in many cases. Politicians have "honeymoon" periods after being elected and we say "the honeymoon is over" when the initial appeal of anything starts to fade.

So where did the idea of the honeymoon come from? Where did the word originate?

Month of Honey

The term "moon" refers to a month, so the honey moon is basicaly the month of honey - the sweet period after the wedding. Sometimes the term had a literal interpretation with the newlyweds drinking sweet honeyed wine, perhaps having received this as a wedding gift.

Unfortunately the lunar connection also has a down side: after waxing to full the moon inevitably wanes. Some cynics - notably Early Modern poets - used this as a metaphor for life: after the honeymoon is over the problems of real life will set in.

Not something to dwell on when trying to decide which honeymoon destination and package is best for you!