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Marriage Rings and Bands

The ring is probably one of the simplest yet most potent symbols of marriage. From a simple gold band to a glittering diamond studded piece of jewelry, the ring is an essential part of any engagement or marriage.

For many people offering or accepting the ring during a wedding proposal is the most romantic moment of their life. Simply buying the ring is normally a symbol of commitment.

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We know that marriage rings go back at least 5000 years - the ancient Egyptians referred to them in their writings. It's likely that they go back even further. The ring - circle - is one of the simplest and most universal of symbols. It's found throughout nature and even in the heavenly bodies of the sun and the moon.

The circle has always been associated with eternity, a symbolism found in ideas as diverse the Norse world snake Ouroboros biting its own tail, the Western Zodiac and the cosmic wheel of Buddhism. It's therefore appropriate that the ring or band should be seen as a symbol of eternal love.

In earlier times the ring itself needn't have been the permanent metal piece of jewelry we buy today. In some cases it could be formed by wrapping together leaves or twigs. Such a natural band also tapped in to more pagan ideas of fertility.

Today of course you can buy a wide variety of marriage rings, everything from simple metal bands (white gold and platinum or popular alternatives to yellow gold) through diamond encrusted marvels to unique rings that you design yourself.

At the end of the day though it really is the thought that counts.